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Latest boxing news & boxing results. Boxer interviews, previews, vlog, but, there is so much more. Not just a website that gives you the latest boxing news but a one stop boxing website that is growing every day. YouTube Channel

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Boxen 24/7 will soon have a boxing online store selling boxing sportswear and other items relating to boxing. with worldwide shipping coming soon…

Boxing news & results, we are one the quickest to respond to the latest boxing news and we bring you the latest boxing results from the UK, USA and every other country from around the world.

Boxing News | Boxen247.comOur news and results are updated throughout the day, seven days a week. The minute we see a result we will collect as much information on the boxing match we can then report on it (if we are not there in person).

We will report on the matches on the grandest of stages that have great significance to the sweaty boxing hall event in the middle of Brazil….we do not care, we love the sport of boxing! It has been our love from the early days of Jack Johnson to the destructive Mike Tyson of the 1980’s. We will upload all the fights that have shaped the sport to what it is today giving you, the boxing fan, the best information whether it be for the hardcore boxing fan to the casual fight fan.

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(& Unofficial Scoring) 

We try and cover most of the major fights with LIVE boxing results as they happen. We will be adding live round-by-round unofficial scorecards from the next boxing fight card we cover.

Live YouTube “Fight Night’s” will be starting soon where live big fight live commentary accompanied by phone-ins & discussions will take place before and after each fight as they take place. We will break down the evening and get you the fans involved. Boxing News & Results |

We will always post on here and on social media which fights we will be covering and will have a list on this website shortly.

For the list of boxing events covered, click the following link > Live Boxing Results & Events <


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Fully explore our website to see why we are not just a news and results page….we aim to keep you entertained while you are here.

We are not part time!

Full time staff bring you the latest boxing news & boxing results from the UK, USA and worldwide, it’s our passion as well as yours. As a fan of the fight game, you want to be kept in the know on who is fighting who, when they are fighting and who won the fight. We try not to leave gaps with the whole fight card covered when we can (not just the ‘main’ fighters).

Latest Boxing News | Boxen247.comWe are one of the quickest on the internet to react to the latest boxing news, the latest boxing results, gossip and announcements. When on our site, always ‘refresh’ each page to be sure of the latest content.

Our website is continually updated throughout the day (we are not part timers).  We strive to bring you the latest boxing results, news and gossip that will appeal to the hardcore boxing fan and the casual fight fan. The news & results are not just UK, US or country specific, this is worldwide boxing as you will see.

All Time Top 10 Boxers

Currently being written (P4P, heavyweight & cruiserweight completed), Boxing Results From boxen247.comin this section you will find’s top ten boxers of all time in each weight.

It’s all subjective and is just our view on how the boxers of yesteryear fair with each other.

Legal disclaimer: All views and comments from are impartial and are purely a personal viewpoint on the topic discussed. This website is not affiliated with any person, company or organisation in the UK or worldwide.