5 Boxing Betting Strategies That You Should Know | Boxen247.com

Boxing fans have always been passionate about the sport, probably just as passionate as the fighters themselves. Of course, with passion comes the urge to be correct regarding prediction, which couldn’t be more present in betting. Yes, that is true for all types of sports betting, but that’s not what we are here for today.

In boxing, there are different ways to bet on a fight. Some people do it by betting on which fighter will win, while others will bet on how the fight outcome will play out. Regardless of the type of bet you want to choose in boxing, you can’t win without doing the proper research and having some experience.

While you can do something in terms of research, the experience itself will naturally come to you the more you bet on boxing. However, if you don’t want to go in blind, we may help you with that. Here are some boxing betting strategies that even veterans use to this day.

Research about the Fighters First

As mentioned earlier, the best way to give yourself the best chance of winning your bets is to do your research, and looking up the fighters first is the best way to start your research. Of course, we get that people find research bothersome or tiresome, but most people who are successful in betting are those who did their research.

With Sports Betting Odds, a fighters record will often tell you a lot, especially if you pay attention to match history. You can then study those fights and determine the factors on either how he won or lost those fights.

The Impact of the Fight on Each Fighter

Some fights have storylines, and a storyline often tells us the motivation of a fighter regarding the fight. This is important because motivation significantly affects how hard a fighter will train and how seriously they are taking the fight. Of course, if the fight is no more than just a paycheck for a fighter, you can’t expect them to train hard. Some fighters don’t take the fight too seriously and are okay with losing as they will still earn some money anyway.

But suppose the fighter has some good motivation, like, for example. In that case, a young and up boxer looking to advance his career and potentially looking to position themselves for a title shot. With that, the fighter will be motivated to train hard and have a good chance of winning the fight. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s automatically a guaranteed win for the fighter as most of the time, experience trumps training.

Check the Styles

One of the most important in a matchup is each fighters style. To have a better shot at winning your bets, you need to study the stylistic matchup between the fighters and who will have an advantage over the other.

For example, is one of them a brawler or a technical fighter? What about the stances? Are they southpaw or orthodox? Do they pick up the pace, or are they laid back? What about the approach? Are they a counter-puncher or the aggressor?

Most of this information will come from their past fights, so look that up. Also, coaches tend to change up the styles of their boxers according to their opponents, so you also have to look out for those.

Technical Ability

Everyone loves heavy hitters that box like they have bombs in their gloves. It’s always exciting to see a fight that is an all-out brawl, and many boxers have styles like that. However, the problem with those fighters is that they can quickly get into trouble once matched up with a talented and very technical fighter.

Study their boxing styles and try to break down how they fight in the ring. Most of the time, the fighter with the better technical ability and thinking wins the fight. Even though boxing is a physical sport, a massive part of it is also about mind games.

Utilize the Statistics

For some reason, many boxing bettors, especially new ones, tend to forget that they can use the fighters; statistics to their advantage. Sure, it will not show us the whole picture, but it still gives us good insight into how the match will end. Stats like punch totals, percentage of strikes landed, significant strikes landed, etc., are simple stats that you can start with. But of course, you should never solely rely on stats alone, but one thing is that numbers don’t lie.

Final Words

You can do many things to give yourself a better chance of winning your bet on boxing. However, the main thing that you should do is to do your research. Research alone can increase your chances of winning your bets. So if you want to win more in boxing betting, try the strategies we laid out above.