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Kris Anthony (Lead Boxing Writer)

Boxing Writer Kris Anthony I am a full time boxing writer and am available for freelance boxing writing, reporting or on camera presenting.

From a young age I instantly fell in love with boxing, being lucky enough to catch the tail end of Muhammad Ali’s career (against Larry Holmes in 1980), instantly falling for the sport.

Freelance Boxing Writer Kris Anthony (Linkedin)

Feel free to be in contact with me on Linked in (click the above link to take you to my LinkedIn page).

Writing about your passion is about the best line of work anyone could do in life, this is for me. With a wealth of knowledge on the history of boxing, I plan on writing a book on the history of the heavyweights, from a different viewpoint to the norm.

I have an extensive background in French Boxing (Savate). Whilst Savate is different to boxing, there is a lot of crossover with many elements of traditional boxing. I use this knowledge when breaking down a fight.

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