Emanuel Steward

The Legendary Kronk Gym Trainer

Emanuel Steward 1944-2012

Emanuel “Manny” Steward (July 7, 1944 — October 25, 2012) was an Emanuel Steward - Boxen247.comAmerican boxer, coach, and commentator for HBO Boxing. Steward coached 41 world champion fighters throughout his career, most notably Thomas Hearns, through the famous Kronk Gym and later heavyweights Lennox Lewis along with Wladimir Klitschko. His heavyweight fighters needed a record of 34-2-1 mixed in name conflicts. He was also an inductee of this International Boxing Hall Of Fame, along with also the World Boxing Hall of Fame. Steward was also famous for his charity work at Detroit, Michigan, assisting the youth to attain an education.

Steward was born in Bottom Creek, West Virginia, however, by age 12, he had moved with his mum to Detroit, Michigan, once she divorced his father, who was a coal miner. After going to Detroit, he worked temporarily in the Automobile business before eventually visiting Brewster Recreation Center, in which Joe Louis along with Eddie Futch trained. Steward began a amateur boxing career there. He compiled a record of 94 wins and 3 losses since a amateur fighter , including winning the 1963 nationwide Golden Gloves championship at the bantamweight branch.

In 1971, Steward chose his half brother, James Steward, to the local Kronk Gym, a hot-bed for amateur boxers in the 1970’s, also eventually become a part-time coach there. Steward trained many of the country’s best amateurs. He eventually translated his victory with amateurs into a profession training championship-level specialist fighters.

Steward achieved his most celebrated early victory with welterweight Thomas Hearns, whom he shifted from a light hitting fighter into among the most devastating punchers in boxing history. Hearns became among Steward’s very effective and popular fighters, combating Sugar Ray Leonard, knocking out Roberto Durán, and challenging undisputed Middleweight Champion Marvellous Marvin Hagler.

Steward also trained rapper Eminem the way to box, in Detroit, Michigan.

Steward expired on October 25, 2012, after undergoing surgery to get diverticulitis. He was 68. Colon cancer was subsequently reported as a contributing factor to his departure.

Ken Hershman, president of HBO Sports, in which Steward had worked as a commentator as 2001, published a statement, stating :”There are no sufficient words to describe the enormous amount of despair and loss we all feel in HBO Sports using the tragic departure of Manny Steward. For over a decade, Manny was a respected colleague that taught us so much not only about the science but also about loyalty and friendship. His energy, enthusiasm and bright smile were a constant presence. Ten bells don’t appear enough to mourn his death. His contributions to the game and to HBO will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones.”

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