Five quickest knock outs in boxing history

Boxing is an incredibly exciting sport that has much to offer every spectator. As the fighters step into
the ring, no one really knows what is going to happen. Perhaps the fight will go the full distance, or
perhaps someone will be knocked out in the first round. In many cases, lovers of boxing hope it is the

There is nothing quite as astounding as a quick knock out. When this type of knock out occurs, there’s
only one way that the fight can go.

Let’s take a look at the quickest knock outs in boxing history, just to show how great this sport can be.

1. Chris Eubank versus Reginaldo Dos Santos

At the time of the fight, Chris Eubank was one of the UK’s finest boxers. He was a super-middleweight
boxer who had a bright future. If bettors were able to, they may have used their free sports bets and
wagered that Eubank would have won the fight. Their bets would have paid out as Eubank did more
than win. He had Santos on the canvas within 20 seconds. No one would have had a bet on this.
Perhaps they would have bet that Santos would have gone down in the first round. They were unlikely
to bet that he would have been KO’d quite so quickly.

2. “Prince” Naseem Hamed versus Said Lawal

This fight between two featherweight fighters did not last very long. Naseem Hamed worked to make
sure that his opponent was down and out in no time. Lawal ended up hitting the floor within a few
seconds. However, this did not put an end to the bout. For some reason, the referee decided that he
could continue to fight. When Lawal got back up, he was floored once again. It was then that the
referee decided that the fight was over. It took just 35 seconds for Hamed to beat Lawal.

3. Bernard Hopkins versus Steve Frank

Back in 1996, Bernard Hopkins was the IBF super-middleweight champion. His fight against Steve
Frank proved that Hopkins was worthy of the title. Just 15 seconds into the fight, Hopkins managed to
put Frank on his back. His right hand did all the hard work and Hopkins fell to the floor almost
immediately. It was a very good day at work for Hopkins back in 1996. Frank, however, did not have
such a good day and was the recipient of Hopkins’ hard work.

4. Jeremy Williams versus Arthur Weathers

Even before this fight took place, Jeremy Williams already had nine knock outs under his belt. What
was more impressive is that they were nine knock outs in a row. Williams’ opponent Arthur Weathers
was the man who wanted to put the winning streak to an end.

Weathers did not get what he wanted. In fact, he helped to continue Williams’ streak. Within a mere
10 seconds of the fight, Weathers was on the floor and the game was over. In fact, the knock-out did
not even take 10 seconds. It took just a few seconds for Arthur Weathers to hit the floor. When the
referee intervened and checked that Weathers was still out, the fight was declared to be over.

5. Sechew Powell versus Cornelius Bundrage

In this famous fight, it was Sechew Powell who did the knocking out and it was Cornelius Bundrage
who took the brunt of it. Powell was at 15-0 with the undefeated Bundrage. Both boxers somehow
managed to put each other on the floor during the fight. We can only imagine that the crowd was
going wild at this time.

Both fighters somehow managed to get back up on their feet. However, the end of the fight came not
too long after. This is thanks to Powell’s hit to Bundrage’s face that caused the fighter to hit the floor
again. Moments later, it was declared that Bundrage was out and Powell had won the fight.

The world of boxing has much to offer every spectator. No one ever knows what is going to happen at
any given moment. All that we ever know is that there are two excellent fighters in the ring with a job
to do. Those who were lucky enough to attend one of the above five fights no doubt loved every
second of it. That is if they were backing the fighter who knocked the other one out. The other
spectators were no doubt feeling a little sore, but not as sore as the man who ended up on the