Herol Graham vs Julian Jackson

Herol Graham vs Julian Jackson (24/11/90). This bout happened at the Torrequebrada Hotel & Casino, Benalmadena, Andalucia, Spain for the vacant World Boxing Council world middleweight championship. Both fighters weighted 160 lbs. Referee was Joe Cortez.

Jackson, the former World Boxing Association light middleweight champion had moved up in weight after eye surgery for a detached retina. Because of this former injury, this bout could not be held in the united Kingdom. This bout, Herol Graham vs Julian Jackson was held in Spain.Herol Graham vs Julian Jackson | boxen247.com

From the start, Jackson struggled with Graham, unable to land anything of note. With his left eye near shut, the ringside doctor gave Jackson one round to continue before he would stop it. 1:13 of round 4 (of 12), Jackson desperately threw a punch with full intent, and it landed flush.

Graham was out cold before he hit the canvas. He remained out on the canvas for a period of time and there was initially some concern over Grahams state. He was up shortly after with all OK.

This one punch KO is regarded as one of the most brutal finishes in boxing history.

Graham retired in 1998 with a fight record of 48-6, 28 KO’s and Jackson also in 1998 with a boxing record of 55-6, 49 KO’s. Jackson is considered to be one of the hardest punchers in boxing history at light middleweight and at middleweight, with a KO percentage of 80.33%

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