Abraham Gonzalez to launch new podcast “The Boxing Rush Hour Show”

Abraham Gonzalez to launch new podcast “The Boxing Rush Hour Show” | Boxen247.com (Kristian von Sponneck)

Abraham Gonzalez to launch new podcast “The Boxing Rush Hour Show” | Boxen247.com (Kristian von Sponneck)Boxen247.com YouTube Channel

U.S. Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Abraham Gonzalez is launching a new-age boxing podcast tomorrow, “The Boxing Rush Hour Show”, which will run weekly every Wednesday on Spreaker, iTunes, and Google Play.

Gonzalez’ plan is to contribute to boxing’s growth by hosting a podcast that not only produces what other podcasts offer, but more importantly it will focus on the future of boxing.

“The Boxing Rush Hour Show” is going to feature news, lead ups, recaps and interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport,” Bronx native Gonzalez explained. “Although this content is available on many podcasts, our show will also feature young prospects with less than 10 fights, in addition to promoters running club shows, as well as managers and marketing representatives still developing their name, and anyone who is contributing to the sport.”

The 42-year-old Gonzalez has been an active Marine for more than 24 years, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and also during 9/11. He is currently stationed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where he is the Major Subordinate Command Career Planner for the II Marine Expeditionary Force.

Since 2017, Gonzalez has worked at NYFights as a columnist, and he also serves today as its managing editor, and social media manager. His mentor, Mike Woods, continues to guide Abraham through his journalistic development.

“While boxing and the country was on lock-down for the majority of 2020,” Gonzalez explained, “I thought about the many ways I could contribute to the sport. 2021 was a full year back in boxing, which was filled with some great fights. Once again boxing is trending upward, and that’s why I feel that this is the right time to launch my podcast.”

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