Alfredo Caballero – Boxing Coach of Trio Supremes

Alfredo Caballero – Boxing Coach of Trio Supremes |

This “Coffee Tuesday” we greeted very successful boxing coach Alfredo Caballero, a man inspired by his father, to use a palate of skills on canvass to depict a brilliant portrait of boxing.

Alfredo guides the work ethics and unfolding careers of Yamileth Mercado, Miguel Berchelt and Juan Francisco Estrada.

He does more than directing their careers by also motivating and inspiring  them. For Alfredo, who studied a degree in Sports Training, his father -who unfortunately died during this pandemic-, is and will always be his greatest hero, since he was not only the one who encouraged him to study the degree,  but also who instilled in him the love of boxing.

As he well remembers, they spent many nights talking about boxing and on Saturdays watching it on the television screens in their living room.

Alfredo recalls that, at the age of 19, sitting on a bench in front of his gym, two close friends asked him to train them. From  there and then was born the ambition  to become a world class coach.

Alfredo feels satisfied above all, to see the progression  of his boxers. He pointed to the clear example of Yamileth Mercado, -current WBC super bantamweight world champion who defends her crown on February 6 against Alejandra Guzmán. He has  transformed  “Yeimi`s” physique, also developing her into a faster and more precisely accurate boxer.

And, his key preparation of Miguel Berchelt, who faces Oscar Valdez in a tough fight and Juan Francisco Estrada who`s embarking upon a unification war against Román Gonzalez.

Alfredo thanked everyone for the support he has always received, urging fans  to catch the coming fights of these very well prepared champions.

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