B1-Boxing “Boxing in the Jungle” branches out in Ukraine

B1-Boxing “Boxing in the Jungle” branches out in Ukraine | Boxen247.com (Kristian von Sponneck)

B1-Boxing “Boxing in the Jungle” branches out in Ukraine | Boxen247.com (Kristian von Sponneck)B1-Boxing “Boxing in the Jungle” branches out in Ukraine | Boxen247.com (Kristian von Sponneck)

On August 14, for the first time in Ukraine, B1-BOXING, with the support of the World Boxing Council (WBC), will hold the majestic boxing event “Boxing Jungle.”

This event will give the opportunity for Ukrainian fighters to show their potential and take the first steps towards professional success. The most talented boxers will have the chance to gain the undivided attention of promoters, on their way to the elite of boxing.

The new promotional company B1 Promotions, strives to take the Ukrainian sports industry to the next level with quality events in Ukraine. They have assembled a team of the best to push the development of the country’s sport in a new direction.

The “Boxing Jungle” project is the place for the best young Ukrainian professionals who have something to prove, and it is a testing ground to assess who shows promise plus potential.  The main priority is a fair and sporting competition, and the main objective is to sign professional promotion contracts with the finest young fighters, propelling them to the world professional boxing scene.

The first season has 3 shows that will take place later this year:

  August 14.

  October 2nd.

  November 6th.

Eight boxers in each weight category will determine the Champion.

Boxers will have four-round fights throughout the season that are allowed by the Ukrainian Professional Boxing League.

The best boxers from Ukraine will compete in the following weight categories: 63.5, 66.7, 69.8, 75, 79, 91 and +91 kg.

It will feature live broadcasts of “Boxing Jungle” to bring viewers unforgettable and exciting matches.

The first fighters in 66.7 kg.

Yaroslav Mykhailushko

Asif kerimov

Aleksandr Cherniak

Alaa Almahmud

Andrei Ponomarenko

Denis Pesotskyi

75 kg weight category:

Andrei Tymoshenko


Nikolay Zhizhian

Pavel Gluttony

Yuriy Maydakov

Shaban Gabibulayev

Maksim slipchenko

Ali Seitmemetov

Also,  two matches will take place at 79.4 kgs (6 rounds) and 63.5 – 66.7 kgs (6-8 rounds).

The supervisor of the local commission will be Alina Shaternikova.

The judges and the referee:

Viktor Fesechko

Nikita lukin

Vadim Lavrynets

Kostyantin Rovenskii

(Kristian von Sponneck)

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