Eubank Jr. vs. Muratov BOXXER last press conference quotes & pictures

Eubank Jr. vs. Muratov BOXXER last press conference quotes & pictures | (Kristian von Sponneck)

 UBO/ABF cooperation to improve standard of title fights | (Kristian von Sponneck)

Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Anatoli Muratov

SSE Arena, Wembley, London, England 2/10/21

British star Chris Eubank Jr. (30-2-0, 22 KO’s) and German puncher Anatoli Muratov (24-2-1, 17) met face-to-face today ahead of their big showdown on Saturday night at the SSE Arena, Wembley, live and exclusive on Sky Sports.

Eubank versus Muratov, in association with Wasserman Boxing, headlines an action packed card featuring cruiserweight stars Richard Riakporhe and Mikael Lawal, up-and-coming talent Germaine Brown; dynamite puncher Joe Pigford; the professional debut of female sensation Ebonie Jones plus Wasserman talents Linus UdofiaHarvey Horn and Alireza Ghardiri.

Here’s what they had to say at today’s media day inside  the Troubadour Theatre at Wembley’s Box Park:

Ben Shalom, Founder and CEO of BOXXER
We’re delighted to bring boxing to the bigger mainstream audiences on Sky Sports, so to be here now on the brink of our first show, the first of many – one every two weeks until Christmas – is an amazing feeling.”

Kalle Sauerland, Wasserman Boxing 
It’s our first show together and looking we’re forward to it. Looking forward to seeing Eubank back in the ring and also introducing some fresh talent to the British scene and some very exciting times.”

Chris Eubank Jr.
Activity, that was the main goal for this year. I wanted to fight at least three times. A good performance on Saturday and then right back in the ring in December on Sky Sports.

“Everything is going to plan. I really believe so, this is definitely the next chapter, I’ve had many chapters in my career so far and this is potentially going to be the most exciting one. We have the full backing of Sky Sports and there are so many huge fights to be made.

“I’m in the prime of my career, I’m 32 years old, I’ve got two, three, four years of solid prime fighting in me and we’re going to be displaying it on Sky Sports. I’ve got a helluva lot of good fights in me.

“[Muratov] has got 25 wins and 2 losses, solid opponent, this is a perfect fight for me where I’m at right now. After I get through this man we’re onto big names and world title.

“I’ve probably seen about five minutes of this guy box, so I actually don’t really even have a real game plan for this man as of right now, because of the late change. We’ll watch more of him as the days go by and I’ll deal with him on the night.”

I will show it in the ring [how I beat him]. I’ve fought twice in the last three months and I’m in shape. A win on Saturday will open some big fights for me. You can knock anybody out when you get the right punch.”

Eubank Jr.
“That’s one thing I know about myself is the chin , it doesn’t move for anybody. I’ve sparred with heavyweights and I’ve never been knocked out so this guy is going to have a rough night. He’s here and we’re both ready to roll.”

Richard Riakporhe, undefeated Cruiserweight
I just can’t wait to get back into that ring again, it’s been too long. I want to put on a great performance for Sky Sports and show that I’m real deal. This is an exciting time for boxing with BOXXER and I’m in a great position.

“I believe that with BOXXER and Sky Sports behind me I can become a big star in the sport and importantly guide me to a World title.”

Mikael Lawal, undefeated Cruiserweight 
Definitely grateful to BOXXER and Sky Sports and being on this platform and showcase what I can do on Saturday night. I’m looking forward to finally getting out there and do what I do and perform and go on to fight the top names in the cruiserweight division.”

Joe Pigford, Undefeated Super-welterweight 
I’m looking forward to it and putting on a performance on Saturday night. It’s been very frustrating [time out of the ring] but I would say mentally and physically where I am now, I’m in a much happier place and more mature and a much better time for me.

“It’s important for me to make a statement because this a massive platform on Sky Sports. I’m used to knocking people out, but my opponent has a lot of knockouts himself.”

Linus Udofia, undefeated Middleweight
I’m a former English middleweight champion, undefeated, and one of the best domestic names in the country. I feel like this should be happening, my name should be brought up on these kind of platforms. I can’t wait to go.”

Harvey Horn, undefeated Flyweight 
I can’t wait, I can’t sit still. All the boys here are the same. We’ve had a load of aggro with the coronavirus. I’ve got itchy knuckles, I’m getting violent on Saturday night. I’m going in there to take the geezer’s head off.”

Alireza Ghadiri (Razor Ali), undefeated Super-Bantamweight
I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here, it’s a dream come true. Thanks to Kalle, Wasserman and BOXXER my dreams are coming true now. Feeling good and ready for Saturday.

“I was sleeping on the street four years ago or five years ago and now I’m here. With no money, no support, no English, I was only 18 when I came here, never boxed in my life and now I’m here. What more could I ask for? This is the whole world to me. My dream came true and this is just the beginning.”

Ebonie Jones, Featherweight pro-debutant 
I joined the Army when I was 17 and signed off in July and turned professional. I’m more excited than nervous at this point, I’m just looking forward to it. I can’t wait to get in there and show what I can do, I will let my actions do the talking.”

Germaine Brown, Eliminator for the English Super-Middleweight Championship
I’m feeling good, I’m feeling great. I’m looking to put on a big performance, this is a big opportunity for me and great exposure so I’m looking to go out there get a win and put on a good performance.”

David Avanesyan, Defending European Welterweight Champion
I have worked very hard with my team and I’m looking forward to Saturday. He will come and fight me but I’m ready for him. It will be a good fight but I will keep hold of my title.”

Liam Taylor, Challenger for the European Welterweight title 
I’ll fight anyone. David’s a world class fighter, but I’m prepared to fight anyone. Our styles will will gel nicely, but I’m not afraid to have a fight as I’ve shown in the past. I won’t be taking a backwards step.”

Eubank Jr. vs. Muratov BOXXER last press conference quotes & pictures | (Kristian von Sponneck)

Eubank Jr. vs. Muratov BOXXER last press conference quotes & pictures | (Kristian von Sponneck)

Eubank Jr. vs. Muratov BOXXER last press conference quotes & pictures | (Kristian von Sponneck)

Eubank Jr. vs. Muratov BOXXER last press conference quotes & pictures | (Kristian von Sponneck)

Eubank Jr. vs. Muratov BOXXER last press conference quotes & pictures | (Kristian von Sponneck)

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