UBO/ABF cooperation to improve standard of title fights

 UBO/ABF cooperation to improve standard of title fights | Boxen247.com (Kristian von Sponneck)

 UBO/ABF cooperation to improve standard of title fights | Boxen247.com (Kristian von Sponneck)

The Universal Boxing Organization™ (UBO) has joined forces with the American Boxing Federation (ABF) in an effort to improve the general standard of the championship fights sanctioned by both entities.

As two of the most active championship organizations on the American scene, the UBO and ABF has decided to embrace their responsibility when it comes to competitive title fights.

Both the UBO and ABF have in recent years, independent of each other, grown in popularity among fighters and promoters.

Especially those who are not backed by major TV outlets and sponsors, as the costs of doing UBO and ABF title fights are always very reasonable.

With a mutual understanding of striving to continue being an asset to the right market, it has been decided to support each other, and work together, when it comes to the improvement of title fights.

“We are a sanctioning body for the Americas, and the UBO is a world-wide organization. But we have more or less the same mindset when it comes to what we want our roles to be in boxing”, said ABF President Jeremy Lantz.

“We know our markets, and we are not here to compete with the big boys, but we want to strengthen our ability to also offer respectable championship titles to those who don’t have major backers.”

“At the same time, we feel it is important for the development of boxers who are not necessarily blue chippers, or signed to a powerhouse promoter, to get the experience of stepping up to fight for a recognized title, with all that this involves.”

“And we help make that more feasible, in a professional and respectable way.”

“But we, the ABF and UBO, want to also, at the same time, play a part in heightening the competitiveness and standard of title fights within our market, and potentially assist promoters in improving what they offer to boxing fans.”

UBO Vice President David Maizner concurs, adding: “Self-awareness is important, and we have realized that we can do better, and at times be more strict in what we approve.”

“The market, the promoters and the boxers we appeal to are incredibly important for the health of the sport overall, and the pandemic has made things harder for those promoters particularly, and we have been guilty of trying to help them by approving certain fights we wouldn’t have otherwise.”

“Going forward, along with the ABF, we want to try our best to move things in the right direction. Yes, we want to continue to help promoters do affordable championship events, and yes, we want to continue to help boxers reach their dreams of becoming a champion. But for everybody’s sake, not at any cost.”

The Universal Boxing Organization™ (UBO) and American Boxing Federation (ABF) are currently discussing a set of guidelines to follow when sanctioning title fights, weather it be regional, International, Inter-Continental or World championships.

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