“We Were Forced to Postpone The Fight” – Andrey Ryabinskiy (Povetkin’s Promoter)

"We Were Forced to Postpone The Fight" - Ryabinskiy | boxen247.com

 Andrey Ryabinskiy Speaks to Sky Sports

“There are so many different opinions. Let’s not listen to opinions, but be guided by facts and make decisions. The facts are simple – Alexander got coronavirus, and we were forced to postpone the fight. This can happen to any athlete. Alexander was in the hospital, we have all the documents at hand. If Eddie Hearn has any question of this kind, I am ready to submit all these documents.

“He had a rather difficult form of coronavirus, but he passed this crisis period, the doctors put him back on his feet. Alexander is now feeling well; no complications have been identified. At the moment, his main task is to restore health and return to the necessary physical shape. We hope Alexander will return to training in two to three weeks. But any physical activity should be coordinated with doctors, while they are careful in their forecasts and only say that it is necessary to monitor the situation and Alexander’s well-being. Obviously, it is more profitable for us to have a rematch with Whyte after his defeat as soon as possible.”

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