Estrada vs. Chocolatito 3 final press conference quotes

Estrada vs. Chocolatito 3 final press conference quotes |
Credit: Melina Pizano/matchroom.

Estrada vs. Chocolatito 3 final press conference quotes |

Eddie Hearn

“Welcome to everybody here in Phoenix ahead of probably one of the nights that I’ve looked most forward to this year. Of course, fight fans around the world who know that in boxing it’s very difficult to get two modern-day greats together. These two are about to do it for the third time. One of the greatest trilogies of our generation sees Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez faceoff against Juan Estrada, this Saturday in Phoenix, here at the Desert Diamond Arena and live on DAZN around the world for a multitude of belts, but more importantly, to settle the score. One apiece, two tremendous fighters, and we’re about to see an incredible fight this weekend.

“The undercard from top to bottom, I feel like one of the strongest we’ve seen this year. So many great fights to unveil. Julio Cesar Martinez, the WBC Flyweight World champion, had his issues in the past, back looking tremendous with Eddy Reynoso, against one of our Spanish stars in Samuel Carmona, undefeated former Olympian. Great run for Spanish boxing now, Kiko Martinez and Sandor Martin and others, he has a chance to become World champion on Saturday. Joselito Velasquez, another one of Eddy Reynoso’s charges, is in a great fight against the former WBC World champion, Christopher Rosales.

“So many great fighters making their way in the sport, ready to emerge as World champions. Diego Pacheco, just 21 years of age, about to become a huge headline star has his toughest test against Adrian Luna. 15-0, ready to make his way in the Super-Middleweight division. Austin “Ammo” Williams; been a revelation. These are two guys that signed with us when we started our journey here in America. One win away against Simon Madsen from a big World championship eliminator in the Middleweight division in 2023.

“Marc Castro, forgot how many times he was National Champion. In my opinion, one of the greatest prospects in world boxing. Trying to go 9-0 this weekend, again stepping up in his toughest test.

“Beatriz Ferreira, who is so fond of, one of the greatest amateurs of our generation. World champion Gold medal, Olympic Silver medalist, just fought a couple of weeks ago in Cleveland, steps up in a huge fight for her at this stage in her career against Carisse Brown.

“This card, top to bottom, full of action, live on DAZN around the world.”

Ammo Williams

“I’m very thankful for my opponent, Simon Madsen, because we got kind of close to the fight and we couldn’t lock anything down and for me to get somebody who will be a challenge, an undefeated fighter, that’s going to be great on my record. It’s amazing, it’s so amazing, and it shows a lot of heart from him, but I still must do what I must do on Saturday night. As Eddie said, I’m so close to winning the World title. 2023 is a huge year and he’s an obstacle in front of me, so y’all are going to see that same dangerous, explosive Ammo on Saturday night.

“It’s complete focus on Simon Madsen because this must be a statement to show Felix Cash what he’s really signing up for. Everybody thinks I’m young in the game, don’t have as much experience, but now, after this big 2022 and to finish it off with a great fight like this, I don’t see myself being anywhere behind Felix Cash and I’m going to make a statement that’s going to make him think twice about the fight, I promise that.”

Simon Madsen

“I’m very thankful for this opportunity. It’s a huge step up for me and I took this fight on a short notice but I’m happy I got this opportunity because I feel like I’m ready. I’m ready to put on a great fight and make a surprise and thank you for giving me the opportunity.”

Marc Castro

“We’re just trying to inspire kids and show them they can make it from wherever they are from. This Saturday I go against a tough opponent, but I put in the work every day in the gym, so this is just another stepping-stone for my career and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here.

“It’s special being a part of the trilogy, of the undercard of Estrada and Chocolatito. They’re both legends in their own making and it’s just surreal. Especially if they’re fighting a third time, I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Carisse Brown

“Unfortunately, my opponent hurt her wrist for the Australian fight, but it is a huge, huge honor and blessing to be able to get called short notice for this fight. Shoutout to Jesus Escalera of T&K Boxing Promotions, my promoter, as well as Eddie Hearn for allowing me to be able fight on this card and take a big step up for females out there, even the young girls, for them to see what they can accomplish in this sport.

“One thing about me is my life has been nothing but a fight, but every day is a fight, so I’m prepared, I’m ready, and there’s nothing that I’m not willing to take the challenge on. I’m ready.”

Beatriz Ferreira

“My first fight was incredible; it was very new for me. I liked it a lot, I’m very excited for the second. I believe I gave a great show the first fight, it was a great spectacle for the public, and this time will be the same.

“I’m moving forward with force and speed. All the fights are going to be that way.”

Ricardo Adrian Luna

“I feel strong, I feel motivated. I’m anxious. I also want to thank Pacheco. The day after tomorrow we’re going to deliver an excellent fight and I’m going to get the bigger victory, which I deserve after so many opportunities.”

Diego Pacheco

“I’m very happy to be here. I’m excited to be a part of this big event with these legends who are sitting right behind me. The work has been put in. I want to thank my coach, Benavidez, the entire team in Seattle. We put in all the work and we’re ready to shine this Saturday. You guys, tune in, it’s going to be an amazing show.

“This year was a great run for me. I have three knockouts and I’m looking for the fourth one come Saturday night. I’m looking to end the year on a great knockout, a great win, and get ready for next year to take on the big fights, big challenges, and really take over the sport.”

Christopher Rosales

“I’m anxious, we want to move forward in our career. We know what it’s like to be at the top, to be a champion, and so what we want to do is recover what is ours and go back to where we belong. We are coming in well prepared in the best conditions to deliver the best fight possible this Saturday and position us toward a World title opportunity, whether it’s against El Gallo, or Roman; anyone.”

Joselito Velasquez

“This is a big fight. It’s a big opportunity, and it’s going to position me to be a contender, so I’m prepared very well. It’s going to be a big fight that I’m going to demonstrate this Saturday.”

Eddy Reynoso

On Velasquez: “He is a good fighter. He has a lot of experience in the amateurs. He struggled a bit in the professionals because he hasn’t been given good opportunities, but he’s been pushing forward and working hard to walk away with his hand raised this Saturday.

On Julio Cesar Martinez: “It’s been a tough year after that loss against Chocolatito, but he’s made some adjustments. He’s more disciplined than ever before and he’s coming well prepared. There was about three or four months where fights were falling through, but he learned from that loss against Chocolatito. It served him well and you’re going to see a better Julio Cesar Martinez.”

Samuel Carmona

“With regard to the title opportunity, I’m very grateful. It’s going to be a good fight. And I don’t just have eight fights like people may think. I have more than 200 amateur fights. I also had 20 fights in the world series, so I’m an expert in this and I’m going to show it on Saturday.”

Julio Cesar Martinez

“Like I always say, with everything but fear, in anyone, and anywhere. We came here to do what we know, to leave the ring with our hand raised, but also, we hope that both of us come out well and that we walk away with the victory.”

Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez

“I’m super motivated, I’m super happy because we had a good camp with my team. We’re very motivated, we know it’s going to be a great fight against Juan Francisco Estrada, and we hope that the fans of the boxing world can enjoy this fight.

“If you thought the second fight was good, the third fight will be even better because we are prepared better than ever before. I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m very happy, and we’ve done a good job to show that I have a special talent and I’m going to enjoy this with my family and my people.”

Juan Francisco Estrada

“It’s been a lot of time. Unfortunately, the pandemic really stopped boxing, so I’m happy. I’m very well prepared. After my last fight, I only had two weeks of rest and then we continued camp at high altitude and I’m very motivated and confident about this fight.

“He [Chocolatito] and I are fighters who do our talking in the ring. Outside we’re respectful, but inside we disrespect each other. We’re colleagues outside of the ring and what we do, we do it in the ring and we’re going to show it in the ring. That’s why this is going to be the best fight out of all three of them, the best one will win, and I feel like the people are going to take a good show. And also, not just this fight, the undercard has great fights as well.”

Eddie Hearn

“As both these legends said, they predict the best of all three on Saturday night. To be honest with you, I would have taken fifty percent of one or two. If we get the best fight of the trilogy here on Saturday, we will get one of the greatest fights in the history of this sport. I think I speak for everybody when I say thank you to Juan Estrada, thank you to Roman Gonzalez, for continuously giving us great fights and stepping up to fight the best in boxing.

“We close out [2022] in front of around ten thousand people in this tremendous arena here in Phoenix for in my opinion, one of the cards of the year and one of the fights of the year. The Trilogy: Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez against Juan Estrada”

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