“Forging Champions” Amateur Boxing Finals Tonight In Mexico

“Forging champions” Amateur Boxing Finals Tonight In Mexico | Boxen247.com

“Forging champions” Amateur Boxing Finals Tonight In Mexico | Boxen247.com“Forging champions” Amateur Boxing Finals Tonight In Mexico | Boxen247.com

The surefire amateur boxing tournament ”Forging champions” will have its final round this today, at the “Pueblitos” Sports Unit in Hermosillo.

Starting at 6:00 p.m, as the grand culmination eliminatory stages in San Luis Río Colorado, Puerto Peñasco, Caborca, Cananea, Nogales, Moctezuma, Banamichi, Guaymas and Navojoa, the eagerly anticipated final will happen. And to wonderfully compliment it, two glories of Mexican boxing, are coming along to the award ceremony.

Former WBC light flyweight World Champion, Humberto “Chiquita” González, and current WBC Super Bantamweight World Champion, Yamileth “Yeimi” Mercado, will be present and correct, at the event, to support as well as inspire the participants.

The “Forjando Campeones” tournament brought together hundreds of participants from various gyms in Sonora, and was intended, in addition to promoting sporting activity and to activate the rich seedbed of Sonoran boxing, giving the participants the opportunity to flourish, justifying their dedication, effort and sacrifice. 

The promoters, Morrxs with ADM (Love, Dignity and Memory) , Ciudadanos con México, the Sonora Amateur State Association, sincerely thank all parents, coaches and participants for the confidence and dedication to carry out this event with great success, as we will be having a day of great fights and triumphs, looking ahead to a bright future. 

Don`t miss this event this Friday, starting at 6:00 pm, at the “Pueblitos” Sports Unit, on Pueblo Nuevo Boulevard, in Hermosillo. 

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