Mike Balogun Defeats Keith Barr & Boxing Results From Florida

Mike Balogun Defeats Keith Barr & Boxing Results From Florida | Boxen247.com

Mike Balogun Defeats Keith Barr

The Rustica, Vero Beach, Florida, United States

“The Rumble at the Rustica”

Mike Balogun (17-0, 13 KOs) W KO 2 Keith Barr (20-14-1, 8 KOs)


Fight Notes: Barr was down three times in round 2. Time of the stoppage was 2:45 of the 2nd round for a Balogun stoppage victory.

Johnnie Langston (9-3, 5 KOs) NC Demetrius Banks (10-10-1, 3 KOs)


Fight Notes: Both fighters were down in round 1. In round 3, Banks suffered a leg injury when Langston threw him down from a clinch and the bottom rope snapped. The bout was declared a no contest.

Event Notes: Christy Martin promotions promoted the event.

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