Melissa Santos confirmed as Probellum ring announcer

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Melissa Santos is set to become the new voice of global boxing after being announced today as Probellum’s ring announcer.

The 36-year-old from Los Angeles believes that teaming up with Probellum in such a prominent role will act as a “game-changer” for women in the sport.

Santos has made her name in professional wrestling with Lucha Underground and then Impact Wrestling but will now step through the ropes as an announcer to introduce some of professional boxing’s biggest male and female names.

She will debut her skills at Probellum’s double-header of events in Dubai next week, where she will be announcing back-to-back world title fights, including Estelle Mossley’s historic headlining defence against Yanina del Carmen Lescano.

“I have always loved combat sports and have loved ring announcing since the very first time I raised that mic to present,” said a thrilled Melissa Santos.

“Linking up with Probellum is a game changer. I’m a female ring announcer in a traditionally male-dominated sport and Probellum understands that now is the right time to showcase women in a different light within the industry.

“Probellum is innovative and is going to take the boxing world by storm. I am thrilled to be here for the ride. This is the time! Let’s Go!”

“The appointment of Melissa Santos as our ring announcer brilliantly sums up exactly what Probellum is about,” said Richard Schaefer, President of Probellum.

“We are breaking new ground, transforming the sport and opening boxing up to a truly global audience and a talent like Melissa joining the team will help us achieve all of that.

“She has developed a huge following in professional wrestling and we know that boxing fans are going to be incredibly impressed by her.”

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