MTK Global Box Cup Updated Schedule

MTK Global Box Cup Updated Schedule |

The prestigious MTK Global Box Cup will now take place in November, pitting together some of the best amateur boxers from around the UK and internationally.

The event was originally due to take place this weekend, but due to the ongoing COVID pandemic and the national governing bodies guidelines on the return to boxing, it will now be held from November 25 to November 28.

The 2022 edition of the MTK Global Box Cup will then return to its usual schedule, with that event set to take place from April 7 to April 10.

MTK Global Box Cup Organiser Steve Sharkey said: “This weekend we would have had over 550 competitors in action at the MTK Global Box Cup, but the current situation meant that we had to postpone it.

“Throughout the UK you can go back to boxing clubs this coming Monday, so all being well the MTK Global Box Cup will now be held in November. All clubs will be notified when the system is back up and running and you can amend names, change weights etc if you need to nearer the time.

“The main thing is let’s get back to boxing and let’s all be safe. It’s important to be back in the gyms teaching the students, and there is plenty of time before November to continue to learn the craft.

“The health and safety of everyone is vital, and I’m certain that England Boxing will make things secure for everybody so that we can prioritise the boxers.”

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