Universum Box Promotion organizes first event with Probellum Boxing

Universum Box Promotion organizes first event with Probellum Boxing | Boxen247.com (Kristian von Sponneck)

Universum Box Promotion organizes first event with Probellum Boxing | Boxen247.com (Kristian von Sponneck)

Universum Box Promotion organizes the first boxing gala with Probellum Boxing on November 20, 2021.

The cooperation duo Universum Box-Promotion and new co-promoter Probellum organize a top-class mega boxing event in the Hanseatic city Hamburg, the home of the Universum boxing stable. And the name says it all, because Universum has been one of the largest and most successful for 40 years Boxing stables in Europe. In addition, Universum houses and forms over 50 world champions, from the most important weight classes, and is therefore always in the spotlight of public interest around the world.

Universe Cuban knockout artist Jose Larduet will fight in the main bout. Larduet, who is currently number 30 in the WBC heavyweight rankings, will defend his WBC Latino title and hopes to soon be in the top 15 of the Belong to the world.

Ismail Özen-Otto: “Jose has all the qualities to keep up with the elite. we we are pretty sure that he will box on the big stage in 2022.”

Also on the fight card is Senad Gashi, who is new for the first time created Bridgerweight weight class boxing. There is a weight limit of 101.6 kg.

Senad Gashi: “I currently feel most comfortable in the weight limit, I will take on an experienced opponent for 8 rounds on November 20th. “

Avni Yildirim, who this year is already in the USA for the WBC World Championship has boxed, against pound 4 pounds superstar Canelo Alvarez, is against Yusuf Kanguel in the middleweight division for the International German Championship over 10 Round boxes.

Manager Ahmet Öner: “I’m pretty sure the Avni Mitte next year for a world championship boxing. “

With this fight card, Universum will set an exclamation point with the help of the co-promoter Probellum. The event reserves the right to provide one or two surprises. Matchmaker Flavio Oleaga Mirabal is still working on a special coup for November 20th.

Ismael Özen-Otto also created a TV format from scratch with Universum TV stamped the ground and achieved with these record numbers that speak for themselves. New content is created every day on the Universum TV channel, and extra brought in some media and marketing experts.

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