Juan Manuel Marquez & ProBox TV announce 2023 slate

Juan Manuel Marquez & ProBox TV announce 2023 slate | Boxen247.com

Juan Manuel Marquez & ProBox TV announce 2023 slate | Boxen247.com

ProBox TV, Marquez Promotions and Pepe Gomez’ Cancun Boxing announced today a series of boxing events in Mexico, the first being Friday, September 23 at Oasis Resort in Cancun. Their second event will take place November 18 also at Oasis Resort, and in 2023 there will be monthly events throughout Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey, Culiacan, Acapulco, Guadalajara) all streamed live on ProBox TV.

ProBox TV Founders Juan Manuel Marquez, Roy Jones Jr. and new partner Miguel Cotto were on hand today with ProBox TV, Cancun Boxing and the World Boxing Council’s Mauricio Sulaiman.

ProBox TV is about (1) putting contenders in the ring against good fighters to make great fights, (2) following the journey of top amateurs and (3) the “Last Chance Tournament,” an opportunity to rise once again for those who had success as amateurs and not so much as pros. Like Miguel Cotto is giving new opportunities to boxers in Puerto Rico, Juan Manuel Marquez will be doing the same in Mexico.

“I would like to thank everyone for coming today. We are a team from many countries like Miguel Cotto from Puerto Rico, Juan Manuel Márquez from Mexico and yours truly from the United States,” said Roy Jones Jr. “We were all successful in the ring as fighters and we are sure that we are going to be successful doing this.”

“We are doing this to give the fighters more opportunities,” Miguel Cotto added. “We want them to become somebody in the world of boxing.”

Juan Manuel Márquez, today’s host, pointed out, “What we want is to offer new opportunities to the fighters. This is for those who are looking to do something in boxing. The difference is that the company and the partners are people who have been in the ring. We know what it takes to win a fight and we want to think that soon we can have the opportunity to crown a world champion. We will be doing events in various places, and we are looking for talent.”

“Today is a very special day,” said Mauricio Sulaiman. “What a great day to have PROBOX TV here today and may it have many successes and the World Boxing Council will be supporting all its activity.”

The 2022 remaining live boxing on ProBox TV: September 9 (Tampa, FL), September 23 (Cancun), October 7 (Tampa), October 26 (San Juan, PR), November 4 (Tampa), November 18 (Cancun), December 2 (Tampa), December 9 (San Juan), December 16 (Philippines). There is also weekly original content produced by the founders including, podcasts, talk shows and in the gym content, plus monthly documentaries and behind the scenes content.

In 2023 there will be one live boxing event per month from USA, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

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