Anthony Yarde wins ring return – Akeem Ennis-Brown ROBBED in England

Anthony Yarde wins ring return - Akeem Ennis-Brown ROBBED in England | (Kristian von Sponneck)
Sam Maxwell & Akeem Ennis-Brown

Anthony Yarde wins ring return - Akeem Ennis-Brown ROBBED in England | (Kristian von Sponneck)

(by Kristian von Sponneck)

Anthony Yarde vs. Alex Theran

Utilita Arena, Birmingham, England 28/8/21

Anthony Cacace W PTS UD 12 Leon Woodstock

(British Super Featherweight Title)

12x 3 Minutes

Fight Notes: Cacace was in command, putting Woodstock on the deck in round 4. Woodstock showed bravery to go the distance but Cacace was not to be denied. The judges scores were 117-110 x2 and 117-111 for a Cacace unanimous points victory.

Nathan Heaney W KO 5 Konstantin Alexandrov


10x 3 Minutes

Fight Notes: Heaney was in full control from the beginning, dismantling Alexandrov each passing round. In the 5th round, a head to body attack put Alexandrov down for the full count. Time of the stoppage was 1:36.

George Bance W PTS 4 Matt Hall

4x 3 Minutes

Fight Notes: Bance was in command all the way with the bout going the 4 round distance. Bance won by the referees scorecard of 40-36.

Anthony Yarde W KO 1 Alex Theran

Light Heavyweight

10x 3 Minutes

Fight Notes: Yarde made quick work with Theran no being able to take Yardes power, flooring him twice, the second time for the full count.

Time of the stoppage was 2:32.

Sam Maxwell W PTS UD 12 Akeem Ennis-Brown

(British & Commonwealth Super Lightweight Titles)

12x 3 Minutes

Fight Notes: Ennis-Brown ROBBED. In a scrappy affair where heads clashed, Ennis-Brown was cut in round 4 and Maxwell in round 9 from accidental head-clashes. Ennis-Brown seemed well ahead only for the three judges to award the fight 116-113 x2 and 115-114, all for Maxwell.

Covering the fight in the studio, Carl Frampton had Ennis-Brown a winner by five points with Steve Bunce agreeing. I had it slightly closer with Ennis-Brown three points ahead but a clear winner.

Maxwell said: “I’d give him a rematch. He’s a good competitor, but it would be the same result again. I’ve got the beating of him. A lot of people wanted me to win and I’m sorry I didn’t get the knockout, but we got the win and that’s the main thing.

“I’m so proud. Me and Steve Maylett have been doing so much in the gym. The lads have been there with me as well for all of the hard sessions, and this is just the start.

“I feel like I’m dreaming. I haven’t boxed in front of a crowd for two years, and I’ve dreamed about it since I was a little kid. It went exactly how I thought it would. I knew he would be a tricky guy, but the judges were scoring the clean shots.”

Liam Davies W TKO 2 Raymond Commey

(Super Flyweight Title)

8x 3 Minutes

Fight Notes: It was Davies all the way from the first bell with Davies finally knocking Commey down in the 2nd round. The referee immediately waved off the bout with the time of the stoppage being 2:52.

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