Donovan Ruddock vs Dillon Carmen

This is why you do not fight into your 50’s as a professional boxer

Donovan Ruddock vs Dillon Carmen |

Donovan Ruddock vs Dillon Carmen (2015). Razor Ruddock made his comeback in 2015, the lead up was well documented as he had been in training for a number of years prior (which is more than most that embark on boxing comebacks).

“I’ve been in the ring with Tyson, all these guys, and I’m telling you: I feel better now, than I did back then.”—Razor Ruddock.

He first fought Raymond Olubowale (10-6-1) on the 28/3/15, winning by TKO. He then went on to fight Eric Barrak (8-2-0) on the 22/5/15, winning a unanimous decision. The key point here is that Ruddock, though winning both bouts, looked shaky and not comfortable under fire (especially in the Olubowale bout).

“Many pugilists will look at Ruddock as a dangerous opponent for the fact that if they lose, their credibility as a fighter will be damaged. Should Ruddock shock the world and actually beat a top level competitor, he could wind up getting a shot at the title. But the chances of that happening are very unlikely.”—Kitson Vincent

Then on the 11/9/15, he fought for the Canadian heavyweight title against Dillon Carmen, the title holder. With then an 8-2-0 boxing record, and with no disrespect, Carmen was a domestic level fighter at best. Ruddock went on to lose via 3rd round KO, and it was a nasty knockout.

This loss marked the end of Ruddock’s comeback at 51 that must serve as a reminder to other fighters that you must not comeback as a professional boxer in your 50’s. This could of been dangerous and luckily Ruddock was OK after.

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